Hokkaido’s Culinary Treasures
Savor the Flavors of Hokkaido

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast featuring premium Hokkaido pork and beef in our special hot pot, authentic Korean kimchi stew, and our exclusive Hokkaido red snow crab, which you can only taste here.


Sapporo: The Heart of Hokkaido
Just 3 Minutes from Sapporo Station

Our spacious restaurant can accommodate up to 150 guests (120 seated). The elegant white-themed interior provides the perfect setting for a leisurely meal, whether you’re dining alone or with a large group.

Group Tour Plan①


Hokkaido Snow Crab & Shabu-Shabu or Kimchi Stew Course

※Includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
※Alcoholic drinks are charged separately

Unlimited alcohol for an additional 1,000 yen (70 minutes).

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Three Major (King, Red Snow, Hairy) Crabs & Shabu-Shabu or Kimchi Stew Course

※Includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
※Alcoholic drinks are charged separately

Unlimited alcohol for an additional 1,000 yen (70 minutes).


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    店舗名 CRAB HOUSE HOKKAIDO(クラブハウスホッカイドウ)
    所在地 〒060-0093 札幌市中央区北三条西2丁目1番地 NC北専北3条ビル2F
    電話番号 011-213-0898
    営業時間 11:30~22:00(料理L.O.21:00/ドリンクL.O.21:30)
    定休日 なし
    総座席数 100席(25~45名様/30~60名様/60~85名様/200名様貸切OK)
    支払方法 現金/クレジットカード(VISA、マスター、アメックス、DINERS、JCB)/QRコード
    アクセス JR札幌駅から徒歩3分/地下鉄さっぽろ駅『24番出口』から徒歩30秒
    ご予約 ※お電話もしくはお問い合わせフォームより